On Location Video Shoot

$65/hour (2 hour minimum charged)

Post Production/Editing - $35/hr

Motion Graphics - $45/hr

$10 per 63 minute tape used on shoot.  This is charged in quarter intervals if tape is not used in full.


Professional HD Video Production includes

HD Imaging on Canon HD camera w/ 20 optical zoom & wide angle lens

HD recording to HDV tape (HD tapes are kept as Masters and never recorded over*)

Manfrotto fluid head tripod provides camera support

Sennheiser shotgun mic for superior sound


Crew of 2 includes: 1 camera operator, 1 audio technician/production assistant

@ $90/hr (2 hr minimum)

Recommended for interviews with green screen, multiple lighting setups, & multiple locations


Crew of 1 includes: 1 camera operator / audio technician

@ $65/hr (2 hr minimum)

Recommended for single locations, building exteriors, well lit interiors, audio pick-ups


Professional HD & SD Post-Production / Editing

Editing @ $35/hr

Animation, Motion Graphics, Compositing @ $35/hr

Sound editing / mixing @ $30/hr

Script development @ $30/hr

Voice-Overs for PR, HR & training media @ $65/hr

Transcriptions from interviews, emailed as pdf or Word file @ $25/hr


Hardware & Software

Apple Intel Core 2 Duo workstation-fully loaded

Ideal for editing HD & SD video, graphics, animation, sound and music mix

Final Cut Studio 3: Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5, DVD Studio Pro 4, LiveType

Adobe After Effects CS4, Mocha, PFHoe-Pro Track, Hugin, GIMP- GNU Image Manipulation Program


Additional Client Services

DVD authoring @ $40/hr includes interactive menu design and mastering*

DVD duplication @ $10 per DVD: includes DVD media*

Export of final video output to web-compatible format (H.264) @ $15/hr

Upload of video to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar @ $15/hr

$10 per 63 minute tape used on shoot.  This is charged in quarter intervals if tape is not used in full.

Log and Capture time is charged at $15/hr

A 50¢/mile fee is charged for travel outside Albemarle County



All video equipment, computer hardware & software, digital accessories & recording media are the property of Unboxed Productions LLC.  This includes all studio and on-location equipment.  Unboxed Productions LLC reserves the right to use shot video footage, final video output, animation or graphics, or any other artistic creations or presentations as part of it’s demo reel, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to commencement of job.  All Unboxed Productions LLC hardrives have backup’s in case of failure, but Unboxed Productions LLC is not responsible for hardrive crashes or any delays in agreed upon deadline caused by crash.


* Master tapes are kept by Unboxed Productions LLC, as redundancy against hard-drive failure.

DVD authoring and duplication do not include label printing