Out of thousands of potential contenders, the Sundance Film Festival selected Kisha Jarrett’s treatment. We now have an opportunity to film a short for submission to the Sundance Film Festival.  A select few of the shorts will make it to premiere at Sundance. Of those few, only a choice few will be accepted to the Sundance Labs.

This is the opportunity to join the ranks of fellow alumni:  Cary Fukunaga, Darren Aronofsky, David Gordon Green, Paul Thomas Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Tamara Jenkins, and Miranda July

Scout is set in 1969 and is about a young boy who doesn’t quite fit in. The short chronicles his interesting home life, his life as a boy scout, and his special relationship with a friend that is not technically living.

While most feature length films have budgets that exceed $30 million, even the budget for a “low budget” film is staggering. For a seven minute short, a budget of less than $25,000 – $50,000 is seen as a pittance.

Everything about the making of a film is expensive: cameras, tripods, rigging, boom mics, dolly, steadicam, craft services, wardrobe, props, set dressing, locations, actors, etc. And then there is post production: Non-linear editing software, editing suite, various monitors, hi fidelity sound equipment, color grading, sound editing and mix, external RAID hard drives, professional musicians, rights to pre-recorded music. Oh, and let’s not forget, TIME; and lots of it!

SCOUT must be post marked February 28th, 2014 to be accepted into the next round of the Sundance selection process. Our current shoot dates are January 17th – 19th. The time from now until then is being spent on casting, collecting and making props, acquiring set dressing materials, selecting locations, and finding the best camera crew possible. Between January 19th and February 28th, every moment will be spent working on post production: editing, CGI, titles, scoring, sound mixing.

Kisha Jarrett, the Writer and Director, has three feature length scripts under her belt, and is currently working on three more. Kisha works for Live Arts, a local theater company in Charlottesville, VA.

Eric Bryant, the film’s Executive Producer, has co-written and directed two shorts, and has co-penned three feature length scripts.

Kip McCharen, the film’s Composer, plays over a dozen instruments, plays as a pit musician, and is a Music Director for live theater productions.

Rush Bailey, the film’s Set Designer and Dresser, has a Masters in Architecture and has worked as a Set Designer for several local theater productions.

Eric Hurt, whose credits include Cinematographer for The Parking Lot Movie and the Writer/Director of Singularity, is a special advisor for this project and is providing support and mentorship throughout this process.

Please help us get this short off the ground! We will forever be in your debt and we will work our hardest to craft a masterpiece for you!

Thank you!


Kisha Jarrett, the films Writer and Director, met its Executive Producer, Eric Bryant during a production of A Chorus Line (she was Bebe and he was Bobby, so for months they nightly stood next to each other.)

Kisha has lived in several locations spanning the country, in New York five times, and is always eyeing new adventures. Mastering the ukulele, Kisha played for an AMAZING band in Austin, TX.

Kisha currently works for Live Arts, a local theater whose goal is to forge theater through community. Kisha is the embodiment of that spirit. In addition to “Scout,” Kisha has three feature length scripts under her belt and three in various stages of completion.